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Specializing in the production of high quality Sodium amide products

Ma'anshan Zicheng Chemical Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of high-quality sodium amide products with a content of 98.5%, as well as Inner Mongolia Lantai Group as the supplier of raw material metal sodium. Now, we can produce and sell tablet and powder type of products according to the requirements of customers, and the quality of products is stable and reliable. Through combining the needs of Chinese market with the unique characteristics of our self-developed products...


Guaranteed raw material quality

Raw material metal sodium is supplied
by Inner Mongolia Lantai Group

Upgrading process

Upgrading and updating original
production process of sodium amide

Brighter color and luster

Higher content and brighter color

Suitable for high-end customers

Applicable to manufacturers with higher and
stricter quality standards

Upholding the tenet consistently

Adhering to the tenet of "getting survival by excellent quality and further development by excellent reputation"

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    Address: Wuxing Village, Dangtu County, Ma'anshan City, Anhui Province, China.
    Manager: Wang Xingping +86-13855567955 , +86-1385559922
    Fax: +86-555-6738999
    Website: http://www.renxc.tw

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